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I’m Andrea, the 3 in 1 Hobby Chef, Recipe Curator and Photographer.  I love cooking, baking, chocolate making, soap and cream making and hiking; meanwhile I take pictures of everything.  I am an IT engineer (MSc) in civilian life.   

However, this site is not just about me.  With my husband, George, we do everything together and we will share our mostly Keto (Paleo and Mediterranian),  low-carb recipes, travels and hiking experiences with you.  We’re excited for you to be here! 

Andrea's Keto World - About me - Andrea and GeorgeI moved from Hungary to Canada in January 2019, to be with my husband.  We lived apart from each other for a while; he lived in Canada and I lived in Europe, but finally we could be together.  

Then, this balanced and stress-free lifestyle began to show on us as well.  Our weight started to increase and so did our blood pressure.  In addition, our blood tests’ results showed the first signs of pre-diabetes. 

Before Christmas, in 2019, we received a very strong warning sign.  We were awakened by the death of our close friend.  He was 58 years old, and he died of a massive heart attack.  This completely shocked us. He could still have lived long if he had changed his lifestyle in time.  We don’t want to go down the same path because without health there is nothing.  Can’t plan and work for the future because all energy and thoughts controlled by illnesses.

   This is our new slogan:

KETO – so that old age does not go hand in hand with diseases!

We had to make the big decision of our life. We are in our 40s and 50s and we want to be happy and healthy to have a long and active life!  To achieve this, we must take the necessary steps at this time.  For us, the Keto Diet combined with intermittent fasting (and Paleo Diet), is the most appropriate, which best reflects the most ancient human eating habits, and it best corresponds to evolution.  Therefore, we changed our “you can eat everything in moderation” diet and we adopted the low-carb, Ketogenic Lifestyle.  That’s the point, when our Keto story began. 

After throwing out all processed food containing carbohydrates, I have started to cook Keto accepted meals. I have lost 15+ pounds so far and George has dropped 30+ Lbs. without starving ourselves to death. But the most important thing is our high blood pressure has dropped back down to normal level and we’ve lowered our blood sugar level. Our family physician is happy with our lab results and there have been many other positive changes to our health.  After achieving a quick positive result, we allowed a little relaxation on our diet several timesSometimes we also allow ourselves smaller amounts of fruit and vegetables that have a higher natural sugar content. 

If we had to put a label on our diet, we eat mostly Keto, Paleo and Mediterranean food, which can be called Keto-Paleo-Mediterranean-ish!  All three of these diets focus on real food using fresh ingredients, without preservatives and artificial additives.  Needless to say, no processed food is allowed in our diet. (I’ll write more about this topic in the Eat & Live Healthy blog: link)

We like outdoor activities such as hiking, traveling, fishing and adventuring, to be active.  We’ve found our happy spot with the Keto Diet and we just love sharing the experiences of our whole lifestyle change with you!  

I have created this Andrea’s Keto World website with recipes and blogs for people who want to live a long, happy and disease-free life, who are interested in low-carb, keto and gluten-free meals, and like to try new recipes.  Also, for those looking for ideas for a hike or just love looking at photos taken of nature, or who are interested in all things which are related to health. 

   All recipes, what you find on the Eat & Live Healthy Blog or on my website, prepared and photographed by me. We have tasted and tested all meals.  I have added mostly those recipes to my website, that are reflect our Hungarian heritage, with a little international flavors and spices. The recipes are all made from scratch, using real ingredients.  We focus on whole foods – healthy fats, lot of vegetables, high-quality grass-fed proteins and low carbs.  Moreover, anyone looking for gluten-free recipes also can find 100% grain-free recipes. Whether you live a Keto, a Paleo, or a Mediterranean diet, you’re sure to find recipes for you in here. 
If somebody likes the flavors of Hungarian cuisine, also find Hungarian recipes adapted to keto style.  However, the Keto diet doesn’t just consist of replacing the non-keto accepted elements of our old familiar foods.  I’ve already tried a lot of new, colorful and delicious food that I’m happy to share with you. 

   On the Travel & Hiking Blog you find lots of outdoor travel, and hike especially in provincial parks and conservation areas in Ontario, Canada. Ontario has 340 provincial parks and 295 conservation areas and many-many hiking trails in the 7 million hectares of forests and hundreds of thousands of waterways including the Great lakes, countless rivers, and beaver ponds.  There are also plenty of hiking, kayaking or fishing opportunities in the Muskoka district with 1,600 lakes.  We live a few hours away from some of the best parks.  Whenever we can, we go on a hike and we would like to inspire you to get out and explore as well.  So, we hope you’ll enjoy our photos as well as handy tips for planning your next trip in Ontario! Finally, I’ll give you some keto meal tips during hiking or camping so you don’t have to get off the Keto train. 

   On the Keto Lifestyle & Others Blogyou’ll find all the topics that I think fit in a healthy Keto life.  I strongly believe that the Keto Lifestyle isn’t just about following a low-carb diet.  It means giving our body what it needs and avoiding what it doesn’t.  We have to do everything to keep our body healthy both inside and outside.  Therefore, natural skin care and cleansing, and maintaining our mental health is just as important part of maintaining our health as proper diet and to be active.  I have been making homemade cosmetics such as soaps, creams, bath bombs, lotions and scented candles made of natural ingredients for years.  Perhaps some of my own products will be available soon.  I will also share some homemade skin care recipes with you on the blog which you could easily make yourself.  The homemade things and the creativity can help maintain your mental health

Our Food Shopping Philosophy

We love to support local farmers and growers in our area. There are many reasons why we do this; The first reason is that the taste of local meats, veggies and fruit not only better and fresher, but in addition it is more reliable to us.  Secondly, we support the local economy by consuming local products.  We don’t believe our food should be shipped from thousands of miles away.  Finally, when you’ met with the farmer whom you’re buying from, you know more about exactly how your food was grown!  The trust between us as a consumer and farmers is very important to us We like to know for sure that the meat we eat is grazed, and the veggies are not full of poison.  We also protect our health by consuming whole, organic foods. 

We hope you can choose for your everyday cooking from our recipes. Also follow our tours as well, because we are hiking in beautiful places.  We’re sure, if you see these beautiful landscapes, you will definitely want to go hiking.  Finally, please try my natural, self-made skin care products or recipes.    

Please, help us with our work by subscribing and sharing. Thank you!

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