Enemies of New Year’s Resolutions: The 10 Most Common Excuses to Lose Weight; The Way to Success

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The end of the year always brings with it a look back and an accounting of the past year, and the beginning of every January brings New Year’s resolutions. There are many people who have already promised so many things for success and that next year will be better than the previous one. Also the end-of-year wishes and supplications are always all about a better life, happiness and good health. I know a lot of people who at the beginning of every year articulate their desires for next year, like they want to do more gymnastics, walking; want to eat less; want to quit smoking or alcohol; or last but not least, they want to spend more time with their family in the new year. Usually, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is about losing weight. Most people promise themselves at the end of each year that they will be slimmer in the new year. And then they may be able to lose a few pounds, but in the end they usually will gain back twice as much. And at the end of the year, another vow may come again, which will be nothing year after year. But no one talks about how these promises could be successful and how to take not only empty promises to ourselves, but really lose weight, to be healthier, fitter, and even younger?

Most people – like me 3 years before – and probably you as well even now, who are reading this article, already did promise at the end of each year or early New Year that you will watch your weight! Every year! However, you can’t show anything from year to year, and thanks to the yo-yo effect, even if a few kg went down, it doubled in a short time. Year after year, you just do the futile alibi struggle and have no results! Eventually, you get tired and can come up with well-constructed excuses, instead of finally thinking about what you’re not doing well ?!

I have collected some of the excuses that we often refer to and that do nothing to help us achieve our weight loss goals or improve our health:

# 1 “I don’t have time to cook healthy and nutritious food.”
# 2 “My grandparents cooked same recipes and were healthy.”
# 3 “Healthy food is expensive.”
# 4 “I’m dissatisfied with diets.”
# 5 “Diets weren’t invented for me.”
# 6 “I love fast food, I save a lot of time with them.”
# 7 “At the end of the day, I deserve a few bites of candy, chips, and a few glasses of wine!”
# 8 “I am genetically predisposed to gain weight.”
# 9 “Once we live, I don’t want to give up anything good!” or “life is too short to give up on pleasures!”
# 10 “Let’s eat everything in moderation and everything will be fine!”

Of course, these objections and reasons are acceptable and believable for everyone, they support all the reasons why the previously stated desires or goals are not realized. However, let’s look a little behind the excuses, why don’t these really mean ANYTHING ?!

#1 "I don't have time to cook healthy and nutritious food."

My husband and I have been saving a lot of time and money since we eat quality, nutritious food once a day (OMAD – One Meal A Day). In addition, I don’t even have to think about what kind of food to make 3-5 times a day, what to pack for breakfast, ten o’clock, lunch and snacks, and to make them even more varied. Many of us can’t even imagine this because they hardly eat their breakfast pastry, they already can’t wait for lunch in the canteen because they’re already hungry. Yes, they are hungry because their cells receive no nutrients, only empty calories. The sudden raised insulin levels soon drop, which suggests over and over again: I AM HUNGER! Eating once (or twice) a day and avoiding starvation is best achieved with a high-quality, high-fat diet.

#2 "My grandparents cooked same recipes and were healthy."

Let me dispel this confusion just because, since the names of the recipes haven’t changed anything in 100 years, the ingredients have completely changed, which is why the food can’t be the same anymore. Nowadays, we do not cook with self-reared pigs of healthy lard, but with industrially produced sunflower oil or margarine. Most of the plant raw materials are genetically modified, sprayed and therefore low in nutrients and vitamins. Raw materials of animal origin are non grass fed, contaminated with antibiotics, and the meat products are full of preservatives.

#3 "Healthy food is expensive."

This statement is absolutely relative, precisely because the sweetener may be much more expensive than sugar, and gluten-free and low-carbohydrate almond flour or coconut flour is also much more expensive than wheat flour, but since we have to eat less of it than we do from carbohydrate-rich foods, our foods will cost relatively no more. In addition, you will not have to spend on medicines in the end, as we can avoid the diseases caused by consuming the wrong “food” as well.

#4 "I'm dissatisfied with diets."

Different diets usually exclude different types of food from the consumption, which can mean severe withdrawal symptoms for those on an “everything eat in moderation” diet. A reduced carbohydrate diet mainly skips sugar, which can coses a real addiction that is even stronger than cocaine, so taking it out can be a serious challenge. Lack of it negatively stimulates the center of happiness in the brain, which can lead to the development of depressive symptoms. This is why the craving for sugar is confused by many with the desire for happiness, and if they do not receive their daily (more and more) dose of sugar / carbohydrate, they will be unhappy and dissatisfied. The real dissatisfaction is actually caused by the starvation of the cells for the real food.

#5 "Diets weren't invented for me."

During human development, the concept of diet was unknown, people ate what they hunted, fished, or gathered, and later what they produced to themselves. Diets were invented by modern-day food manufacturers and marketers to create a kind of fashion to sell processed products that no one knew before. We could list dozens of the diets which are running under different names that promote certain foods, which have changed over the past 50-70 years like clothing fashions, while moving further and further away from healthy eating. It’s no coincidence that today, the older generations don’t even know what to believe in, and it’s become completely normal for young people to always change their diets according to the latest fashions like others their underwear. The shelves of grocery stores are full of all sorts of trendy, beautifully packaged, good-tasting and smelling rubbish that is almost impossible to resist, so it’s no wonder we lose our self-control and eat things we shouldn’t.

#6 "I love fast food, I save a lot of time with them."

After 8-12 hours of work a day, few people feel like spending hours in the kitchen to have something to eat on the next day. Therefore, the fastest and most obvious is to buy ready-made meals that just need to be thrown into the microwave and done, but do not think that these fast foods have anything to do with healthy eating.

#7 "At the end of the day, I deserve a few bites of candy, chips, and a few glasses of wine!"

I feel like the world is completely lost when we reward ourselves with things that are poisonous to our bodies at the end of a hard day. Sweets, desserts all filled with sugar, soy or gluten; chips fried in hydrogenated oil and flavored with neurotoxic compounds; or, in most cases wines which have never seen grapes and blended in laboratories, are very harmful to our health. The person who cannot see these things is the greatest enemy of him/herself!

#8 "I am genetically predisposed to gain weight."

If your parents were fat and you’re fat too, it’s most likely just because you eat the same thing they eat, cook the way you learned from your mom and live the way they live the way you saw them. That is why you will develop roughly the same illnesses as your parents if you do not change anything. This excuse was born mainly because people don’t even want to change anything, saying “all are genetics”, and unchangeable. Many also say that the samples you take cannot be deleted, but you can learn new ones because everything is just a matter of will!

#9 "Once we live, I don't want to give up anything good!" or "life is too short to give up on pleasures!"

I have regularly heard this excuse from my type 2 diabetic acquaintances, to whom I have just told me how to reverse the diabetes. But that, like everything, is just a matter of choice: would you rather live without your toes, blind and forgetful, stabbing yourself daily with insulin than healthy but without sugar? To do this, however, you would first need to find other sources of joy and real goals in your life than eating or drinking.

#10 "Let's eat everything in moderation and everything will be fine!"

The general perception of human nutrition is that man is omnivorous, so everything should be eaten but only in moderation. Don’t overdo it with either eating or drinking, and exercise a little to work off your excess calories. Also, don’t eat too much fat because your cholesterol will be high, and by keeping the balance, you will not gain weight and you will be healthy. But the results show a completely different picture of people’s average health. Fat and sick people! While myocardial infarction, stroke, or cancer were unknown in the early 20th century, they have become the leading cause of death nowadays.

With so many excuses in your pocket, how do you succeed in your New Year’s resolutions? What can help you get back into your old favorite outfit; to dare to go to the beach in the summer without anxiety; your blood pressure recovers;  you can fall asleep at night, or  you feel much better every day?

The way to success and self-confidence ...

The first and foremost thing is to put your excuses aside! Formulate your goals and the goal should always float in front of you, which is why it is very important that you write down these thoughts as well. You will see, the goals described have enormous power.

Second, realize that you’ve been following trends and misinformation so far that don’t work because the human body works completely differently than they’ve tried to tell you so far. It is a proven fact, for example, that a calorie deficit is not effective in the long run, causing constant hunger, tension and stress. So put aside the patterns, weight loss models you’ve been following so far, since you’ve achieved nothing with them!

Third, understand how the human body’s metabolism works. It is a biological fact that the body either burns fat or produces insulin. The two do not work together. “Insulin is a storage hormone in the body that prevents lipolysis. During lipolysis, stored fatty acids leave the fat cells and enter the bloodstream, where they can be used as energy.

If this process is inhibited, as with high insulin levels, less fatty acid is available to nourish muscles and other metabolically active tissues. Insulin stimulates lipogenesis. During lipogenesis, fatty acids are transferred from the bloodstream to fat cells, where they are stored for later use. This is often referred to as the “fat storage mode”. Moreover, lipogenesis causes carbohydrates to be converted into fats and stored. When you eat carbohydrate and / or protein-based nutrients, insulin prevents lipolysis, the burning of stored fatty acids, because it is more efficient for your body to use incoming nutrients as energy than to release stored nutrients as energy. And really, why would your body release the stored fat into your bloodstream to gain energy when there was already plenty of incoming energy available? ”
(Source: https://persistenceathletics.com/does-insulin-stop-you-from-burning-fat/)

The only source of energy that does not trigger insulin production is fat. The metabolic mode in which the body uses fats and ketones instead of glucose as an energy source is called ketosis and the diet named for it is called the Keto Diet. The healthy version of the keto diet (there are two versions of keto diet, dirty keto and healthy keto) is one of the most successful ways to lose weight in the long term and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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