Keto For Us – Weight Loss Diet or Lifestyle?

Weight loss or lifestyle?

Keto For Us – Weight Loss Diet or Lifestyle?

Right at the beginning I would like to repeat my most important slogan: 

"KETO - so that old age does not go hand in hand with diseases!"

Well, as you can see, this slogan does not refer to a simple Weight Loss Diet, where you torture yourself by barely eating something for days or weeks, while also wear away two treadmills. Then, when the scales finally show 2 kgs less, you celebrate your success with a hearty eating, or a huge slice of cake, because you deserve it … Oh, and because your body and soul are starving to all sorts of nutrients! After that on the next day you are very surprised, when the scales are back where you started the Weight Loss Diet …. or the wretched scales show even more weight.

When you eat carbs with fat (butter, oil, margarin), your body always starts burning carbs for the first time and stores the fat in your body (and the excess carbs too). The body uses fat only if it doesn’t get carbs. However, carbohydrates provide only short-term energy to the body, in addition to causing constant insulin fluctuations. When we eat carbohydrate-containing food, our insulin levels jump up and then soon drop and then comes unbearable hunger. Eating and snacking several times a day puts a constant strain on the pancreas to produce insulin continuously so that sugar can reach the cells. When the cells, on the other hand, are no longer able to process this huge amount of sugar, trouble comes. But the onset of diseases begins much earlier because of sugar (carbs) harmful effects. In addition, as a result of constant eating, the production of growth hormone also stops, so the body’s self-healing processes do not work either.

The average American person consumes more than 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. The food processing companies add sugar to food to make their products more appealing and enjoyable. And in many cases, it is also hidden from consumers by deception by calling the sugar a different name.

In today’s sedentary but carbohydrate-rich lifestyle, the development of cardiovascular disease has increased. Diabetes has become a public disease. Much of humanity is struggling daily with overweight, high blood pressure, joint, vision, potency or memory problems, limb numbness already starting from a younger age.

We have already gone through these problems. I’ve spent half my life on different Weight Loss Diets, struggling with kilograms all the time. Ever since we had started to live with the Keto Diet, I have not struggled anymore. The weight loss started slowly for me, I had to wait for two months, but then 10 kg melted away from me without any effort. For more people the weight loss is only about appearances. But most of the improvement takes place in our body.  Our end goal is not here yet, but our blood test results have already improved, we have become healthier, we are feeling much better, and that’s the most important thing!
See our results here:  Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet

So, the Keto lifestyle is for us to eliminate and avoid diseases caused by carbohydrates,  because our body does not need carbs (except for fibers), they only cause diseases and problems there.

We eat once a day. This is called OMAD – One Meal A Day. How could we achieve this?

I will write about this in my next blog post. For sure, not with carbs! 😉

Thank you for reading.

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