Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet

Our Results After Ten Months Of Keto Diet - Before After

Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet

Since December 2019, when we started the Keto Diet, a lot of things have happened to us. First, we learned a lot about Keto, gathered a lot of information. Among other things, we learned what foods to avoid and why. We were introduced to a wide variety of keto food and learned how to prepare these types of food. I also tried to make many of my old recipes with the new ingredients.

Over the past ten months, our organization has also undergone tremendous changes. We both lost a lot of our weight, our blood test results improved tremendously and we feel much better.

Yes, in the meantime it happened to us that the temptation sometimes receded. But, those not-so-pleasant experiences only confirmed us that we made a good decision 10 months ago. Just get back on track and keep going because hard work always brings results!

1.) Great Improvement on Our Blood Test Results

Above a certain age, I think it’s appropriate for every person to go for a blood test once a year to see what condition their own health is in. We did this last year and this year as well. It is also advisable to start your lifestyle change with a blood test and with a visit to your family physician. Take another test a year later to have a clear picture of your over all health and improvements.

Improving our results speaks for itself. We got the evidence and our doctor’s approval  that we made the best decision of our lives back in December 2019 when my husband and I started the Keto Diet. In the last 10 months, not only our weight went down nicely, but our blood tests proved that our health  improved tremendously.

We don’t make our results a secret, we share some important data with you. Although, we only look at the numbers as laymen, but the improvements in the different values are clear. However, yesterday our family doctor also confirmed to us at a consultation that we are on the right track.

Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet
Our Blood Test Results

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Heart Disease Risk Calculator

2.) The Visible Results

Improving blood test results is the most important thing, but our most spectacular result is weight loss. Let the pictures speak:

Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet - Before
Fall, 2019
Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet - After
September, 2020
Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet - Before
Summer, 2019
Our Results After Ten Months of Keto Diet - After
August, 2020

3.) Changes in Our Overall Well-being

We have gone through many positive changes. We feel so much better. Some examples without completeness in which we have seen a huge improvement:

  • we are much calmer;
  • we have much less inflammations;
  • we have much less stiffness in our joins and muscles;
  • much less urination at night;
  • better sleep;
  • much less bloating;
  • vision improving;
  • almost no migraine anymore


★★★★★    Do you have any result on Keto or Paleo Diet?   ★★★★★

 Please, share it us in comment below!  We will happy to read it <3

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