Easy Keto Blueberry Sauce

Easy Keto Blueberry Sauce
  • Prep Time
    5 mins
  • Cook Time
    10 mins
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Easy Keto Blueberry Sauce

This Easy Keto Blueberry Sauce is rich in antioxidant and perfect addition to dairy or dairy free yogurts, a great topping for keto or paleo desserts such as cakes, muffins, pancakes. But you can add this sweetly sour blueberry sauce not just for sweet meals because it’s also a wonderful complement to savory dishes.

Keto Blueberry Sauce

To make this low-carb blueberry sauce is a great way to preserve blueberries – it can be prepared in small portions for immediate use, or buy in bulk and make a large portion! When stored in jars, it stays preservative-free for years, but I guarantee you won’t keep it in your pantry for years!

A Couple Of Ways You Can Enjoy This Easy Keto Blueberry Sauce:

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Keto Blueberry Sauce


    Step 1
    Keto Blueberry Sauce

    Prepare the ingredients.

    Step 2
    Keto Blueberry Sauce

    In a small saucepan combine the blueberries and the freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. Add sweetener to taste. If the blueberry is sweet enough, the sweetener can be omitted.

    Step 3
    Keto Blueberry Sauce

    Heat over medium heat for 10 minutes bringing to a simmer. Meanwhile mixing, mash the berries until they have released enough liquid. Simmer this for 5-10 minutes or until thickened to desired consistency, stir occasionally. If not thickened enough, you can add pre-soaked gelatin in water (gelatin max 5g in 2 tbsp water). The gelatin will make it thicker once it cools.

    Step 4

    Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a month, but if you can preserve it according to the rules of canning (naturally without preservatives !!!), you can store it on the shelves of your pantry for a much longer period of time.

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