Körözött – Hungarian Cheese Spread

  • Prep Time
    10 mins
  • Cook Time
    3-4 hours (chilling time)
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    10 mins

Körözött from full fat cottage cheese can be a very easy to prepare and healthy keto meal. Just some ingredients and 10 minutes needed and ready your no-cook dinner or a snack.

The main ingredient of Körözött was originally Liptauer (or cottage cheese from Liptó), a sheep-milk based cheese. Liptó was a county of Hungary until the end of WWI, but finally Liptó got disannexed from Hungary in 1920, and now it’s part of Slovakia. Hungarians lost Liptó but never stopped eating Körözött.

The Körözött is curd cream mixed with ground red pepper and cumin seeds, which can be made from sheep’s curd or mixed in half with sheep’s curd and cow’s curd, but many make only with the latter. I did not get sheep’s curd, so I made my Körözött only with cow’s curd. Who doesn’t like that typical sheep flavour, can avoid it and use cow’s curd of course.

How to prepare Körözött

Chop purple onions or onions and process with cottage cheese, mix with some sour cream (and butter). Stir in ground red peppers, which turns the cream orange, plus ground pepper and cumin seeds. Sheep’s curd is very salty, so only the cow’s curd version needs salt. Parsley greens, chives, capers and a little mustard are also suitable. In Transylvania, tarragon is put in it.

It is recommended to mature in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the flavors to mature properly. The finished cheese cream is eaten on sandwiches, toast or biscuits as an appetizer, wine or beer skate. We ate it for dinner with colored mini peppers and meatballs as a keto OMAD (One Meal A Day). 

If you want to serve some crackers for cheese spread I recommend this keto recipe to try: Easy Homemade Low-carb Cheese & Spicy Crackers


Körözött – Hungarian Cheese Spread


    Körözött – the Hungarian Cheese Spread very easy to prepare just follow the next simple steps:


    In a small deep bowl blend cottage cheese with sour cream (and butter if you want tu use it too).


    When the mixture is creamy add chopped onion, paprika, salt, pepper and the caraway seeds and mix well together.


    Chill for 3 to 4 hours in refrigerator to merge flavours.


    Fill Körözött to half pitted mini peppers and sprinkle them with chopped chives or parsley. You can spread Körözött to low-carb crackers as well. If you don't stick to a keto dinner, you can spread it to a roasted crunchy bread or bun.

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