Low-Carb Chicken Shashlik or Shish Kebab

  • Prep Time
    2 H and 30 Mins
  • Cook Time
    20 Mins
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    2 Hours and 50 Mins

Low-Carb Chicken Shashlik or Shish Kebab

Shashlik, or shashlyk, is a dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat, similar to or synonymous with shish kebab. It is known traditionally, by various other names in the Caucasus and Central Asia, and from the 19th century became popular as shashlik across much of the Russian Empire. 

The saslik is a well-known dish of peoples of steppe origin (Hungarian “nyárs” or “rablóhús”). Meat or liver fried on an open fire, on a skewer, is probably the first heat-treated food of mankind. It is known as Shashlik in Russia and in the cuisine of the Caucasian peoples, “şiş kebab” in Turkey, “suvlaki” in Greece, and “mtsvadi” in Georgia.

The word shashlik or shashlick entered English from the Russian shashlyk, of Turkic origin. In Turkic languages, the word shish means skewer, and shishlik is literally translated as “skewerable”. The word was entered Russia in the 18th century, from there spreading to English and other European languages.

Eredetileg bárányból készült. Ma sertésből, marhahúsból és még pulykából is készül. Alapvetően egy fiatal állat húsát használják. A hús, ha nem is elég zsíros, szeletelt szalonna közé. Ha a saslik idős állat húsából készül, akkor sütés előtt tanácsos bepácolni.

Csirkehúst használtam ehhez az ételhez , kétféle. A csirke száraz melle, valamint az ín combja.

The Spices and Marinade

It’s useless to make a delicious, spicy marinade if we don’t leave the meat and vegetables in it long enough – the secret of good shashlik is time.

The good thing is we can put anything on the skewers. You can have vegetables only, just different meats, or the combination of the two. Everyone can make shashlik to their own taste.

However, the most important in each case is the right marinade and rest time. Whether it’s vegetables or meat, our skewers will be much tastier and juicier if you rest in the fridge in tasty, spicy oily marinade before frying, preferably for several hours (minimum 2 hours).

The most basic spices are salt and pepper. Mix these with oil and our base marinade is ready. But of course we can handle spices more boldly because our shashlik will be so much tastier.

Over the salt and pepper, I used red peppers, garlic (garlic powder also works), dried oregano, crumbled marjoram, thyme, crumbled sage and ground caraway.

How to Grill

A barbecue szezonban kötelező a sasli elkészítése. A nyársakat szabad tűzön sütheti (kérjük, olvassa el a helyi tűzvédelmi szabályokat), szénen vagy gázon sütött grillen. De ha nincs kéznél grillezési lehetőség, ne essen pánikba. Megsütheti a kályha tetején öntöttvas grillrácsban, vagy … 

… in a cast iron grill pan.

Serve the skewers with green salad sprinkled in avocado or olive oil or salad dressing.


Spice Marinade

Skewered Meat and Vegetables


Per Serving: 2 skewers

  • Daily Value*
  • Calories: 285
    14 %
  • Fat: 9.3 g
    5.6 %
  • Sodium: 188 mg
    8.2 %
  • Carbohydrate: 3.52 g
    8.8 %
  • Fiber: 0.95 g
    3.8 %
  • Sugar: 1.97 g
    4.9 %
  • Protein: 46.3 g
    62 %



    Bone the chicken thighs and peel off the skin. Cut the cleaned and boned thighs and breasts into larger cubes. (You can risk the skin later and fry it. You can cook chicken bone soup from the bone.)


    Put the spices listed in the recipe in a small bowl (you can measure or omit it according to your taste, for example, if you don't like too spicy, hot flavors)


    Mix the spices with olive or avocado oil and pour it over the diced chicken. Mix well so that the oily spice covers the meat everywhere. Put it in the fridge for at least half an hour (or overnight).


    While the meat rest, cut vegetables to cubes and mix them with spiced meat.


    Put meat cubes, bacon and vegetable cubes in any order on natural bamboo skewers.


    Grill the skewers on an outdoor barbecue, on embers, or indoors on a cast iron grill griddle...


    ...or a cast iron grill pan.


    Serve the finished skewers with green salad.

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