Low-carb Strawberry Cottage Cheese Cake

  • Prep Time
    45 mins
  • Cook Time
    45-50 mins
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    90-95 mins

Don’t wait for any occasion, bake this cake today!

This Strawberry Cottage Cheese Cake must be baked in strawberry season, but you can bake it anytime with frozen strawberries as well.  For strawberries, the best choice is the cottage cheese with a little lemon.  You don’t even need any occasion to make it! Bake this mouth-watering cottage cheesecake today!

As you’ve gotten used to in my recipes so far, I’ve made cakes in a carb-reduced version. This Strawberry Cottage Cheese Cake is also made low-carb, but not just sugar-free. Using coconut and almond flour, the cake also became gluten-free. However, the sponge cake is as light and airy as if I had just made it with white flour.

… and it’s so fruity and delicious that I’m almost late for photography. 😀

There are a couple of tricks to making sponge cakes that are worth following for success.

  • The first is to mix the ingredients in the right order.
  • The other important thing is to have a good mixing machine. This makes the sponge cake airy even before baking.
  • The third important thing is to always have a bowl of water in the oven while baking the sponge cake. This is important because the resulting water vapor can interact with the baking powder and make air bubbles in the sponge cake.
  • Lastly, it is also very important that you do not open the oven door while baking the sponge cake, as water vapor and heat will go out and the sponge cake will collapse and become like a piece of rubber.

The cottage cheese gives an overwhelming flavor combination with a little lemon and strawberry sauce, which is crowned by a strawberry dipped in white chocolate. This is a royal dessert not just for kings. Anyone can easily prepare it and it will be a huge treat to eat. Whether it’s for a birthday or just because you wanted it, make it bold! Frozen strawberries are also suitable for the sauce, but a few grains of fresh strawberries are also needed for garnishing. Fortunately, fresh strawberries are now available all year round. Don’t hesitate, just bake it!

How to bake the Strawberry Cottage Cheese Cake?

 Watch the video and follow the steps below and you can bake this cake very easily. I guarantee that not only will it be easy to make, but it will also lose weight quickly because it is so strawberry and so delicious!

Have you tried this recipe?

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Sponge Cake Sheet

Cottage Cheese Cream

Strawberry Sauce

Chocolate Topping - White

Chocolate Topping - Dark


  • Daily Value*
  • Caloria:
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Fat 165 g, Carbohydrate 40g, Fiber 25 g, (Sugar 40 g,) Protein 75 g, Sodium 2300 mg, Potassium 3,500 – 4,700 mg. To calculate the whole net carb content in food, have to subtract the fiber from the total number of carbs. Your individual daily values may be higher or lower depending on your own calorie needs.



Separate egg yolks and whites, then beat whites into hard foam with a pinch of salt. Put aside.


Put the yolks into a deep bowl with salt, sweetener, water and oil and mix well.


Mix the two types of flour and baking powder then add into egg yolk mixture and mix them together well.


Add egg white's foam into dough and mix together gently.


Pour the massa into cake pan.


Bake the sponge cake in preheated oven at 350 F / 180 C to around 45-50 minutes.


Beat whipping cream up to hard foam, then put fine curd cottage cheese into it.


Add lemon juice as well.


Add powdered sweetener and mix more together.


Also add lemon zest and mix until smooth.


Cut the cake sheet in half.


Grease the bottom of the cake plate with the cottage cheese cream.


Spread the strawberry sauce evenly on top of the cottage cheese cream.


Cover the strawberry sauce layer with the other half of the sponge cake pan. Grease the top and sides of the cake with the cottage cheese cream and smooth evenly.


Fill the remaining cottage cheese cream into a piping bag and decorate the top of the cake. Put the cake in the fridge until you make the strawberries dipped in chocolate.


Melt the diced white chocolate with the coconut oil in the microwave for 2x1 minutes, while stirring.


Dip the strawberries into the white chocolate one at a time, then put in the fridge. When frozen, melt dark chocolate like white chocolate and then draw strips on the strawberries. Cool again.


Put the finished strawberries on top of the cake and draw strips on the cake with the melted dark chocolate. Keep refrigerated until served.

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