Thyme Chicken Liver with Mushrooms

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   I am aware that most people do not eat offal of animals in all countries, including Canada.  These are primarily acquired and familiar tastes.  However, I recommend to try prepare and eat liver meals for those, who has an open mind and want to get to know the foods of other countries, other peoples, and also for those who care about supporting their health with natural foods.  With use the right spices and following some helpful tips, you can prepare delicious and healthy meals.

 By the way, the liver is not my favorite food (if not prepared properly, it can be bitter), but sometimes I wish it.  Probably when some minerals or vitamins are depleted from my body.  The liver is full of trace elements and vitamins that are important for the body.   You can read more about this in my Eat & Live Healthy blog:  Read more >>>


Thyme Chicken Liver with Mushrooms

...and the spices:


Per Serving: 3 pieces chicken liver with mushrooms (without side dish)

  • Daily Value*
  • Calories: 250
    12.5 %
  • Fat: 9.1 g
    5.5 %
  • Sodium: 101 mg
    4.4 %
  • Carbohydrate: 7.75 g
    19.4 %
  • Fiber: 1.55 g
    6.2 %
  • Sugar: 3.1 g
    7.8 %
  • Protein: 34.55 g
    46.1 %



    Wash the chicken liver and mushroom heads.


    Cut a medium head onion into small cubes and fry on a walnut sized, melted lard (or on avocado oil), then put the livers on top of the onion.


    Until the livers are roasting, slice the mushroom heads.


    When the liver is half baked, put the mushroom slices on it. In 10-15 minutes, the liver is ready to cook, but if you cut the liver and it is still bloody inside, you need to continue to bake.


    Season with thyme, minced red pepper and garlic powder. DO NOT SALT! Important notice! Never put salt on the raw liver only when it is cooked, otherwise it will be as hard as the soles of your boots. Always you salt the liver at the end.


    When the liver is ready, cooked, you can salt it.


    Serve the finished Thyme Chicken Liver with Mushrooms with any low-carb side dish and pickles.


    How to prepare the liver? What do you have to attent for while cooking? You can find these rules to follow here: How to prepare the liver? What is the secret for delicious liver dishes? Read more >>>

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